Company / App Name: Reposi
Twitter – reposicloud

What does it do?

Reposi is an online cloud storage service, providing excellent file sharing capabilities and a custom built advanced uploader. Our media transcoder extension allows you to download media files in the format of your choice.

Why do we need it?

Existing cloud storage providers are becoming stale or too packed with features that don’t benefit many users. Reposi introduces new features with optional free and premium extensions.

Who is it for?

For individual, small business or enterprise usage, Reposi is a great tool for sharing, collaboration, data archiving or temporary storage. Full account branding (including custom colour scheme and logo) helps keep your identity intact.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our file upload interface (including multiple upload queuing) is fast and asynchronous. No proxy server means that uploads take place directly from client to cloud.

What’s next?

A large number of extensions are scheduled for release in the coming months, including version control directly from your web browser, desktop archiving, local network integration (through SMB, AFP and FTP shares) and file synchronisation.

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