Company / App Name: Rebump
Twitter – @rebumpapp

What does it do?

Rebump gives you the ability to set important emails to be bumped back to the inbox if they don’t receive a response after a given period of time. Integrates with Gmail and fully customizable.

Why do we need it?

Follow-ups work, both for getting things done and getting responses from busy people. It takes time to sift through your sent mail, see who didn’t respond and compose tactful reminders. We save you a ton of time and get emails answered.

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in sales, marketing, recruiting, startups, PR – anyone that uses email as part of their workflow, essentially. Productivity enthusiasts also love it. Some people are flakey about email. Rebump deflakes them fast.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are first to market with this service. It’s free. It’s simple. It’s useful.

What’s next?

We will be adding features based on feedback we receive.

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