Company / App Name: Radio Frequent See
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What does it do?

Radio Frequent See enables users to search for their favourite radio stations based on Genre, Signal Strength, Threshold, Location, etc. It enables users to search with or without using their mobile data. Users get access to 4500 radio channels

Why do we need it?

Say I was travelling from Waterloo, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario in my car. I am in the mood to listen to some country music, however, since I am not familiar with the city, I don’t know what radio station would play country.

Who is it for?

People who are tired of using the seek feature to guess what radio station they want to tune into to listen to their favourite songs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

With Radio Frequent See, you can select what genre you want to listen to and based on selection the app provides you with a list of your favourite radio channels. You can sort these based on threshhold, signal strength, location, etc.

What’s next?

Next Steps for Radio Frequent See are:
1. Get support for ios devices
2. Expand to US (currently only supports Canadian stations)
3. Enable streaming within the app

Link to Company / App Demo video