Company / App Name: R3lish
Twitter – r3lishapp

What does it do?

R3lish, Inc., the app that connects people with their passions, is adding the ability for anyone, anywhere, to create a professional-quality R3lish video Story using only an iPhone.

Why do we need it?

We need a new approach to advertising on mobile. Advertising works on mobile when users love the content. R3lish allows mobile users to lean back and enjoy inside Stories that feed their passions.

Who is it for?

R3lish is for passionate people who love to be insiders. Today R3lish’s inside video Stories are customized for foodies in San Francisco; tomorrow, fashion, film, events, tech, and beyond.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Not only can R3lishers enjoy in-app Stories, they can create their own. In a matter of minutes, restaurants and others with a passion for food can tell their Story in a real, authentic way.

What’s next?

R3lish is rapidly expanding in San Francisco food and dining. New cities and categories are next. Stay tuned.

Pitch Video