Company / App Name: QuickShouts

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What does it do?

QuickShouts a unique global marketplace for social media that brings together advertisers with social media influencers that have built communities of millions of loyal fans.

Why do we need it?

Social Media ad spending is estimated to grow to $11 Billion dollars by 2017. But most social media advertising is wasted because it is an interruption of the social stream, not really apart of it. People quickly learn to tune these ads out

Who is it for?

Progressive businesses and entrepreneurs from Generation Y, as these are the people who best understand the power of social media and will see the potential in using social media influencers to promote their brands.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

As soon as you reach our website you see who our influencers are, how much they charge, their follower amount and what market they influence. It’s direct and 100% transparent without any agency intervention – unlike our competitors.

What’s next?

We\’re working on ways to incorporate in depth analytics to each shout out and prevent sign ups from accounts with fake followers/likes.

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