Company / App Name: QuickFocus SnapUp
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What does it do?

QuickFocus SnapUp is first offline to online mockup design tool that uses cut-out elements to help your team create wireframes offline, then you snap a photo and upload it to the SnapUp program to produce an online version of your wireframe

Why do we need it?

Easily mockup designs with your team in a fun and collaborative way, wherever they are on the planet.
No need to manually write up your requirements. SnapUp creates them for you automatically based on your design and notes

Who is it for?

SnapUp is aimed mostly at Project managers, product managers, UX designers, business analysts, account managers, freelance designers and UX newbies. However, anyone that is planning to design a website and need to create wireframes

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Involve and empower your users with the SnapUp hands-on approach – your team can create physical mockups using cut-out elements downloadable from SnapUp, the take a picture and import it via SnapUps image recognition

What’s next?

To reach 10k SnapUp subscribers and to launch another productivity tool to the QuickFocus suite.

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