Company / App Name: Qordoba for Mobile
Twitter – Qordoba

What does it do?

Qordoba for Mobile allows developers to add languages to their applications painlessly. Our lightweight SDK automatically renders your screens and extracts strings. No need to spend time importing and exporting strings files or tagging.

Why do we need it?

The best apps do 3 things for localization:
1 – Hyper-local in discoverability content
2 – Iterate across all languages at same time
3 – Measure and optimize content at the local level
Qordoba’s tools enable any app dev to do this.

Who is it for?

App developers, app marketers, growth hackers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

ROI on localization is achieved only when engagement rates are just as high in new markets as they are in the “core” market. We understand this, and it’s built into our product. The goal of Qordoba is to help devs grow a global user base.

What’s next?

Analytics and predictive text suggestions.

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