Company / App Name: Prolo
Twitter – @prolofinder

What does it do?

Prolo is a simple way for brands to add a store locator / product finder to their website. Customers can go on websites of businesses and find where they can find the products they want.

Why do we need it?

It’s hard for business owners to let customers know where exactly their products are, and it’s also hard for customers to find the products they want. Prolo makes this task a lot easier for both.

Who is it for?

Prolo is for business owners who sell products or services in retail stores.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

By leveraging the massive locations database of Foursquare, adding new retailers to Prolo is very easy, and it turns an intimidating process into a simple one. Prolo also provides brands with analytics and insight on customer behaviors.

What’s next?

We plan on adding more features to the product to make it easier for customers to know when, where and how to get what they want.

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