Company / App Name: PRIKK
Twitter – prikkworlds

What does it do?

PRIKK elevates crowdfunding on a new level. No fees or commissions for the raised sums will be retained. Average fees are ranging in most crowdfunding platforms from 4% to 15%. In addition, 3% to 5% transaction-costs are added

Why do we need it?

Projects of any size are possible. Prikken says: Free reward-based Crowdfunding (non-cash reward). Equity is excluded. This means for example: An organization or private person launches an innovative product, an exciting exhibition, a great

Who is it for?

crowdfunding, free crowdfunding, innovation, start-ups, ngos

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Your project, your money, your PRIKK Crowdfunding

What’s next?

New features coming