Company / App Name: PressOcean
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What does it do?

PressOcean provides companies with all the essential tools to compose, publish and distribute news and press-releases. For online bloggers and journalists PressOcean has all necessary tools for versatile search, subscriptions and overviews.

Why do we need it?

It`s time to disrupt public relations and marketing industries: Whether you are a top-notch marketing professional, or you’re going to write your first press release – our software helps you to create your own story to inspire journalist.

Who is it for?

Start-ups, SME, PR agencies – to manager, create, distribute and analyse public relations. And for bloggers and journalists – to to source the content that is right for their blogs, magazines and newspapers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our unique SmartPR tool that helps you create press-release that stands out ( )

What’s next?

PressOcean is in private beta, but you can subscribe to get exclusive early bird access.

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