Company / App Name: Posh Pet Box
Twitter – @poshpetbox

What does it do?

Posh Pet Box is a subscription box website where beauty goes to the dogs. Members fill out a pet profile, select a plan, and customize or curate their Posh Pet Box delivered to their home monthly.

Why do we need it?

Pet parents are very discerning about the needs of their furry family member. Accoring the USA today, 43 millions households have more pets than they do children. Posh Pet Box solves the problems of providing quality products in one place.

Who is it for?

Do you have the relative or friend that has a pup they treat like a family member? A pomeranian who wear clothes, or a pug that eats human grade food? Posh Pet Box is the place they need to shop. All discerning pet parents are welcome.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Posh Pet Box is the only subscription box website that caters to beauty and health all in one setting. The fusion of beauty and dogs is a unique combination unseen to the the public and Posh Pet Box is eager to be the first market mover.

What’s next?

Posh Pet Box is open and ready to take subscriptions! You can subscribe at our website or join our Facebook page for more dog fashion, stories, and cute pics!

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