Company / App Name: Pop Prez Shootout
Twitter – PopPrezShootout

What does it do?

Pop Prez Shootout is an arcade game, in which you play as your chosen candidate. All points scored count to that candidate’s overall score! In the leaderboard you can see which candidates are winning!

Why do we need it?

Pop Prez is a fun game, that also gets people (mainly millennials) involved in politics in a fun, and competitive way!

Who is it for?

Pop Prez shootout is for anyone who likes iPhone arcade games, or is interested in politics.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Pop Prez shootout is one of only a few politically themed games, and is the only one that allows supporters of candidates to compete against each other.

What’s next?

In the future we would like to add more features to this app, including boss levels, leader boards of your Facebook friends top scores, and special attacks for each candidate. We would also like to make a racing oriented version of the game