Company / App Name: PocketSuite
Twitter – PocketSuite

What does it do?

The #1 mobile ERP solution for service professionals and their clients.

PocketSuite syncs your availability and lets your clients request quotes, book, and pay you from their smartphones.

Run your service business from your phone.

Why do we need it?

Service professionals spend a lot of their time on the go. Their #1 concern is filing their availability with client projects. Existing solutions are desktop oriented, have high setup costs, and require administrators to operate.

Who is it for?

It is for service professionals (in 9 verticals: Child care, handyman, cleaners, pet trainers, photographers, DJs, caterers, videographers, and event planners) and their clients who are consumers with disposable income and other SMBs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Everyone is either focused on the consumer (service marketplaces), larger companies (traditional ERP), or tiny chunks of the problem (productivity apps)

We are the only mobile ERP solution for service professionals and their clients.

What’s next?

We’ve built the product and launched in the App Store, and gained traction in the SF Bay area.

Next steps are to add distribution channels, add features for growing companies, expand to other metro areas, and launch on Android.

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