Company / App Name: Playerify
Twitter – Playerify

What does it do?

Playerify is amateur sports platform for sports players to publish sports profile , find and connect with sports players , discover venues to play at , leagues to play.
Leagues can be managed online with registration , matches,stats

Why do we need it?

Most of time people do not know whom to play and where to play ! We end up playing with close circle which becomes predictable over period of time. Playerify can help you discover new players for sport and based on skills / stats / rank

Who is it for?

1. Amateur sports players
2. Sports Leagues Organizers
3. Sports Academy Coaches
4. Sports Venue owners

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

1.First of its kind sports discovery platform
2. Target audience is amateur sports players who form the base of the pyramid of sports ecosystem
2.People can challenge others to play , report scores , derive statistics , rank in city

What’s next?

We are developing gamification for players where
1. Player can find other player by rank / points
2. Submit scores of game , statistics for game and career.
3. The career scores will derive players rank

Android App on the way !

Pitch Video