Pitch for Pinnatta

public —  January 2, 2014

Company / App Name: Pinnatta

Twitter – Pinnatta

What does it do?

Pinnatta is a next generation mobile messaging platform that lets users send fun, personal and interactive greetings to their friends and family.

Why do we need it?

Pinnatta connects with your loved ones in a fun way. Why send boring text sms, when you can brighten someones day with an great interactive message?

Who is it for?

Pinnatta is for people who like to connect with the loved ones in a fun and creative way. It is for people who are original and are trying to find unique ways to express themselves.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Blow, tap, swipe, drag, rub and shake! The app uses the unique abilities of your device to let family and friends interact with your messages in delightful and surprising ways.

What’s next?

Pinnatta has recently added the photo personalization. Now with text, voice and photo, the app takes personalization to the next level!

Pitch Video