Company / App Name: pimwi
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What does it do?

Pimwi is a complete marketing cloud application that combines online shopping and online catalog builder, social marketing campaigns management, Google Shopping feeds management, channels monitoring into an easy to use solution.

Why do we need it?

Pimwi help companies to store and share media files, create their online shop without technical skills, reach buyers across social networks, and marketplaces to help businesses attract, gain and retain customers.

Who is it for?

Marketing softwares has become vital for all companies but inaccessible to most. But now with PIMWI, all companies have access to a technology previously reserved to very large companies.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Pimwi understands the importance of ecommerce, marketplaces and social media to every business, big and small, so we continue to build and innovate our product based on customer feedback and requests.

What’s next?

Pimwi is a Free application, until you have less than 25 products and 512 Mo in our media files storage. You can publish products promotions or products news on Twitter and Facebook for Free, without limitation.

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