Company / App Name: Persona Paper
Twitter – @personapaper

What does it do?

It provides people a platform to share thoughts, ideas and experiences while earning money for posting those at our site. We want to give you value for your content.

Why do we need it?

Because companies are making millions of off people posting simple content to websites based on the advertising revenue model. We are taking that same model, but want to give that revenue to our members.

Who is it for?

It is for people who want to be part of a social network or writing site that gives you money for your content. Whether it is part time or just to earn some extra income, we want to people who want to see an actual value for their content

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are not promising anything we cant deliver on. We want to be transparent in our decisions and make communication with our members a primary goal. To that end we feel that if we are noble then we will find noble members who can prosper

What’s next?

To expand the platform – why limit it to just articles? We want to expand into polling, recipes, and other types of articles. Then we want to focus on the tools for our members, for organizing, exporting, etc. Many ideas if we succeed.

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