Company / App Name: PaperBox
Twitter – gopaperbox

What does it do?

PaperBox is a paper document scanning system that stores and organizes documents securely in Dropbox. It’s easy to use, powerful, and so damn useful! It’s also 100% free!

Why do we need it?

Are you buried in piles in paperwork? Do you keep receipts when traveling? Do you frequently scan/fax docs? Do you keep track of business expenses? Do you need OCR to read the text of paper docs? PaperBox is perfect for you!

Who is it for?

PaperBox is designed for individual users or small businesses. Basically anyone who has too much paper work and wants to securely scan and organize their business expenses/documents.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is the first document scanning app that organizes and stores your documents entirely in the cloud  Dropbox! It has built in organization, OCR, tagging, powerful reminders, etc. It’s also completely free!

What’s next?

We have a lot of exciting features planned. We’re not quite ready to go into those just yet 🙂

Pitch Video