Company / App Name: Page2Images Website Screenshot
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What does it do?

Page2images website screenshot (PWS) provide the fast, stable API to allow you convert one url to image automatically. Free tools for editors can help them to create website screenshot easily.

Why do we need it?

Taking a single screenshot is easy, however if you have more than 10 pages need to convert to screenshot, it will not be an easy and interesting work. It can help you create 1000 websites screenshot in 5 minutes.

Who is it for?

For developers:
You can use API to generate the website screenshot online easily with JAVA/PHP/C#
For editors:
You can use our free tools to create website screenshot and copy it to blog without uploading images.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

50% cheaper than other API providers
100% mobile websites friendly
Flash/heavy Javascript friendly
99.9% online guarantee
Easy to integrate with well written doc

What’s next?

We plan to implement the HTML to image API which can allow developers generate the image base on HTML.

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