Company / App Name: P3chat
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What does it do?

p3chat is an innovative yet super easy way to add a great chat widget to your web site. It gives you opportunity to communicate with online customer via live chat. Its so simple to add this product that event non-IT person can do it easy.

Why do we need it?

More and more customer buys online, all e-shops and SME needs a great web-based chat product. As not every e-shop or SME CEO has IT education, they need simple to add live chat. This tool creates value&profit via great customer service.

Who is it for?

Product dedicated to SME enterprises but could be used by corporations too. Especially who has e-shops and wish to gain better online customer service. We already have worldwide customers who trust our product.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Super easy way to add. No need to install additional tools or remember new passwords — use your Skype account or our Rich Web app. We already have hundreds of customers who trust us.

What’s next?

We develop our product further as we learn more and more ways to make it better. As we go in strong links with our customer we react fast to their wishes and product development opportunities. Thats right way to grow we believe.

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