Company / App Name: OyeShoppy
Twitter – oyeshoppy

What does it do? is a pocket friendly online marketplace for office wear fashion & accessories in India, where different sellers across India will list there products, which will provide the huge collection of office wear at a single website

Why do we need it?

There is need of a specialized online store for office wear in India, at occasions an office employee requires particular kind of office wear like formal shirts, formal shoes, office wear sarees, Oyeshoppy is great advantage to them

Who is it for?

It was for the all office going people in India who believes office wear as an lifestyle statement.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There is no other dedicated office wear online shop in India & soon we integrate an micro social engagement platform in it which will make shopping easy & interesting at the same time.

What’s next?

To make into affordable online platform which will provide an elite street shopping experience online.

Pitch Video