Company / App Name: OunchTag
Twitter – OunchUpdates

What does it do?

Seamlessly blend a visually optimized QR code onto an eye-catching image or background of your choice. With our available customization tools, you’ll have yourself a prettier QR code for your high-def print ad – all in 3 easy steps!

Why do we need it?

– Seamlessly integrate your brand/logo into your QR code
– Your own choice of background images will give you a unique QR code that stands out
– Appealing qr codes leads to more scans from your customers which allows for better engagement

Who is it for?

People who will most benefit with beautiful QR codes are advertisers and retailers, but it is open for use for the public.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Beautiful QR codes used to be an oxymoron, up until now. With OunchTags, pour life and color into your print advertisements with a barely there, yet very useful, QR code.

What’s next?

Features that will be added to our product in the near future are analytics, and other input formats (not just URL).

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