Company / App Name: Opusviz

What does it do?

An Indian Tech startup has introduced mobile based work flow management applications for both Distribution Channel Sales and B2B marketing.

Why do we need it?

Most of the time sales staff are on the move, this app is mobile based and helps them to get sales data on their mobile anywhere anyplace and update data like taking order, sending enquiries, quotations, follow-ups.

Who is it for?

This application is meant for Sales team including sales manager to field staff to automate and keep the sales process transparent. All FMCG companies, service providers, B2B products/service providing companies need this application.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike most sales automation applications, we have web & mobile based solutions as sales staff is off the road most of the time and different solutions for Distribution Sales & B2B Marketing.

What’s next?

We are developing different modules further for CRM, sales management etc.

Pitch Video