Company / App Name: OPENCATER
Twitter – @opencater

What does it do?

OPENCATER connect foodies (a.k.a diners) to discover and order authentic food from home cooks or chefs. We not only support home cooks, we also support small to large scale restaurants to use our platform to receive big CATERING orders.

Why do we need it?

OPENCATER makes it easy to discover a wide range of food selection within your community. Cooks/Restaurants can list their food creation for diners to order and enjoy. Diners can now order food from different sources using just OPENCATER.

Who is it for?

OPENCATER is for everyone from EAT TO LIVE to LIVE TO EAT ;-). Foodies, out-of-home students & working professionals to name a few. Also for passionate cooks, professional / student chefs, food trucks, etc. to list their food creations.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

In many ways OPENCATER stands out from the crowd. Few ex:
– We have no restriction who can list, as long as you meet basic cooking standards.
– We are the only service that simplifies the large CATERING order woes through our built-in chat.

What’s next?

We strive to make our services as versatile as possible & have an ever expanding attitude to add more features that are focused towards simplifying existing problems food industry face when it comes to embracing a shared economy.