Company / App Name: Oogwave
Twitter – @oogwave

What does it do?

Oogwave is a cloud platform to share and work from anywhere, for small and growing businesses.

Integrated powerful apps for your Files, Notes, Team tasks, and Communication, to help you collaborate with people you work with.

Why do we need it?

Two things Oogwave is best at:

1. Improving the files and information flow within company and teams
2. Faster project execution with external partners and clients

Who is it for?

Business tool for companies (small and medium) and Start ups.
Works best for Teams of all sizes greater than 4 people.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Simplicity of managing your work information and activities at one place. No more multiple tools. Works with internal teams or share with external partners.

What’s next?

Web delivery has been optimized to deliver best user experience, with mobile interfaces for consumption. Launching mobile Apps very soon, that will work as there was no WEB. Helping people share and collaborate from anywhere in true sense.

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