Company / App Name: oneheap
Twitter – oneheap

What does it do?

Manage notes, ideas, tasks, dates and projects – everything you want to keep in mind. oneheap is your personal everywhere notebook.

Why do we need it?

I know there are many other task and todo applications. Since two years I’m writing on oneheap as a hobby project beside my regular job. Because none of the applications I’ve tested matches my needs. So I started to write my own.

Who is it for?

Every user who needs an easy to use task, note and/or project management applications. Small teams which needs a cool 😉 tool to work together in tasks.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

An easy to use interface – I hope the users will like it too. The final version will support optional client die encryption for very private notes and tasks.

What’s next?

Next? Recently I’ve started the first beta test to improve the software and fix bugs. So next steps is a stable applications and a native android application. The feature request list is long … I will try to publish it soon.