Company / App Name: ONDiGO Mobile CRM
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What does it do?

ONDiGO introduces a revolutionary CRM that’s built for small businesses, disrupting the traditional CRM market.

Why do we need it?

Traditional CRM platforms rely on users to enter customer data.
ONDiGO’s Triggered CRM is proactive, suggesting reactions to actual interactions , while building data from emails, calls & calendar.

Who is it for?

ONDiGO is the first mobile CRM that truly adapts
to the way small businesses work!

A customer database is built automatically from
day-to-day interactions conducted on mobile devices.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The first Mobile CRM that truly adapts to the way you work.
ONDiGO automatically builds a smart business contact book from the interactions you normally conduct on your mobile device: capturing calls, text messages, emails and calendar

What’s next?

Our Android version is out and receiving awesome feedback from users.

iOS and desktop versions are almost ready, will be released in a couple of months..

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