Company / App Name: OnAir Player
Twitter – @OnAirPlayer

What does it do?

OnAir Player allows you to access music stored on other devices and remote control them. Grab any device and all your music is instantly synced without uploading or syncing it. Control it from your phone and stream the music anywhere!

Why do we need it?

The app allows you to unify all your music libraries and get rid of the necessity of syncing your music between devices or uploading it to the cloud. It also allows true multi room streaming that can be controlled from any device!

Who is it for?

OnAir Player is for people that have a large music collection and want to access it on the go. It also is for people that want to sit on the couch and control their music from the phone or tablet while streaming it elsewhere.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No setup or configuration, it just works. Even across the internet. Simply log in and streaming from or to any device is just a click away!

What’s next?

We are planning to integrate more music services, such as soundcloud or others. We are also planning social features that will enhance your listening experience.

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