Company / App Name: Officevibe
Twitter – Officevibe

What does it do?

Officevibe is a gamified employee engagement platform. It offers more than 250 daily team building activities for the office. It covers all the Big Five aspects of engagement: wellness, productivity, social, environment and generosity.

Why do we need it?

75% of employees are not actively engaged at work, this costs more than 350 billion dollars every year just in productivity lost associated with that disengagement. We prove that enterprise gamification can be powerful in that area.

Who is it for?

Employees, managers, executives. It’s a powerful way to maintain and develop your company culture. Small and large businesses (including Microsoft) can get a lot of value out of it.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our unique approach to daily activities. We incentivize participation through a system of weekly mission for everyone in your office. It’s addictive you’ll see.

What’s next?

Implementing a new collaboration system to allow teams to participate together, making the whole experience even more enjoyable!

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