Company / App Name: Notionnote
Twitter – notionnote

What does it do?

Notionnote which is a note app for android which will give a shape to your thoughts as illustrations, diagrams, notes, drawings or sketches and share all of them across the network through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Dropbox and iCloud.

Why do we need it?

Apart from only note taking, you can record your voice, attache audio or video with your notes, share them via wi-fi, bluetooth, dropbox etc, draw any image, keep statics by graphs and many more features it has.

Who is it for?

All the smart people those who are Smartphone users like housewives (Can take their recipe notes), business persons, students and more.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

So talking about only notes will be not fit for Notionnote description. It is a whole world which can give you the result at your fingertips. So get ready for this brand new amazing app. It is also available for iPhone users.

What’s next?

Apart from iPhone & Android, continues in working for other mobile platforms.

Pitch Video