Company / App Name: notesmartly
Twitter – notesmartly

What does it do?

A place to organize your documents , to dos , task lists and more.
use it however you like it.Documents , drawing and board for collaboration are all in one place. Get Things Done using it. Organize Your World

Why do we need it?

We have many apps around productivity but this one is fast and secure .
capture your thoughts , notes audio video journal everything in one place.

Who is it for?

Some one who finds it hard to be organized and equally for someone who reads OCD as CDO that obsessive about productivity and being organized 😉

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We have no competition , made it for ourselves.

What’s next?

We are live on iPad, Coming next week on iPhone.Web, Mac and Android would follow very very soon.
There are just enough features on version 1.0-1.02
many more to come.

Pitch Video