Company / App Name: Noise Street
Twitter – @noisestreet

What does it do?

NoiseStreet is a one-stop platform for offline interactivity. Businesses and brands can create interactive, engaging and rewarding mobile campaigns for consumers and get them to interact in-store, with posters, newspapers, TV, radio and OOH

Why do we need it?

Noise Street allows brands to interact with customers in an engaging manner. Many consumers spend time on their smartphones even while shopping and travelling outdoors, which is the perfect opportunity for brands to interact with customers

Who is it for?

Brands and Businesses seeking customer interaction in an engaging manner and striving for brand loyalty!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Wide range of simple and fun games for customers.

Interactive brand campaigns for businesses that can lead to customer loyalty.

A powerful CRM allows businesses to be in touch with their customers even after the campaign.

What’s next?

Exciting new projects increasing customer-brand engagement through cinema, television, radio, events and other

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