Company / App Name: NC Browser Pro

What does it do?

NC Browser Pro for Android is one of the smallest, fastest, lightweight browsers around. It is a high-performance, lightweight browser built for those who hate the cumbersome size of Firefox/Chrome, but want the features with it.

Why do we need it?

The smaller size of NC Browser Pro lets it load pages noticeably faster than other android browsers. Unlike other browsers, NC Browser Pro is not full of bloatware, but instead does it job and delivers.

Who is it for?

Any Android user who is tired of the constant appearances of ads destroying their web experience or the loading speed of webpages which seem to take forever, and genuinely wants a fully-functional browser which delivers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is faster, smaller, better. From the clean app icon to its beautiful, sleek user interface, users who have experienced the power of NC Browser Pro will never want another browser again.

What’s next?

Users and brands, download the app and try it out for yourselves! We would like our users to spread the word to their family, friends and social media!

Pitch Video