Company / App Name: Nagual Sounds
Twitter – @nagualsounds

What does it do?

We developed a worldwide unique technology and we have the patent on the process that allows us to convert any kind of data into music in real time. Our 1st product is a new interactive musical instrument which works with the data of Kinect

Why do we need it?

We open up a new possibility of musical expression for everybody. A direct musical feedback of every move: composing and producing music through moving and dancing. No special software skills or music theory knowledge required.

Who is it for?

It is foremost for dancers and performers. They must not longer dance to the music but can create it through their moves. It can also function as part of a band or in a DJ performance or even be used independently as live performance tool.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our software assignes specific sound elements to certain parts of the body. You can combine these sounds in endless variations. What you create out if it is totally up to you. No clips are triggered but individual music can be created.

What’s next?

We go into beta phase in about 3 months. Nagual Dance will then be available from the Windows App Store and Xbox marketplace. Fill out the pre-order formular on our website and be one of the first people who use their body as instrument

Pitch Video