Company / App Name:
Twitter – @mymeetingtime

What does it do?

A webapp to rapidly find the best time to schedule meetings involving multiple time zones. Add your participants and the app will automatically suggest the best time, or adjust the suggested time using the simple slider.

Why do we need it?

More people than ever are connecting across the world and time zone conversions are tricky stuff. To make a Skype call to Macedonia is as simple (and cheap) as it used to be to call your neighbor.

Who is it for?

Anyone who frequently connects with the world. Your assistant is virtual and sits in the Philippines. People do “4h work weeks” from Thai beaches. Gamers put together guilds from all over the world. Not to mention regular business.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Existing tools are overwhelmingly full of numbers so this is a solution for all who just want a simple, easy to use tool with as few numbers as possible. And it is quick – you can find the best time in less than 10 seconds

What’s next?

Adding features to further help people connect:
+ Send calendar invite direct from app
+ Customize your preferences and save settings
+ Convert times when you already know the meeting time

Pitch Video