Company / App Name: My Life Care
Twitter – mylifecareindia

What does it do?

We are holistically allowing people to manage their Health using the power and accessibility of Internet.

We provide Unique , User Friendly Solutions to Online Health Management Solution & Doctors Practice Management Solution.

Why do we need it?

Finding suitable Doctors and other Health Service providers can be very time consuming and difficult task at the time of emergency. Also people experience a lot of pain and issues while maintaining their health records.

Who is it for?

For Doctors and the Mass.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

I would say that this is not a single Idea , but a combination of lots of Ideas and research which we underwent before developing this unique solution, which shall lead to the transformation in the Health Care sector in India.

What’s next?

Reaching out to BILLION people is not easy. Our biggest goal in the coming 2 years would be to reach everyone who are in access of Internet.

Pitch Video