Company / App Name: MusicBox
Twitter – TeamMusicBox

What does it do?

Find your next favorite artist without even looking. We\’ve partnered with kick-ass indie musicians to email you curated bundles of new tunes based on your listener profile every two weeks. Totally free. No search required.

Why do we need it?

Searching for new music is a pretty big hassle. Most of us only get exposed to popular artists who we already know about. MusicBox takes search out of the equation. We hand-pick the best indie artists and match them with your preferences.

Who is it for?

Any music fans looking to hear something new. We have over 12 genres and growing, along with 700 artists.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Other music services are more about huge music libraries with millions of songs. We want to cut through that noise as your indie music concierge.

What’s next?

Our development team is in the process of building a new system that will allow more artists onto the platform and an even better listener experience. It will include a feedback and recommendation algorithm so we send you the best music.

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