Company / App Name: Motoqlik
Twitter – motoqlik

What does it do?

Motoqlik is a Social initiative that allows motorists to connect with one another just by using their License plate number.

Why do we need it?

We aim to change how motorists fundamentally think. Imagine leaving your car on the road and knowing someone from the community can text you in times of need, or if you are blocking a car for a short moment and you know you are contactable.

Who is it for?

Drivers, motorists, car lovers, car enthusiasts, road users, daily road commuters

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Texting other motorists may not be a new concept, but motoqlik aims to be a game changer by not only offering the service to text other motorists during times of need, and also for motorists, car owners to come together to share useful news

What’s next?

To launch a ‘look out for one another’ campaign to promote Motoqlik to daily road users

Pitch Video