Company / App Name: MostTalked
Twitter – MostTalkedLive

What does it do?

MostTalked captures whats happening in the world and listens to what people actually share/care about on social networks, mashes them cleverly and serves them ready for its users.

Why do we need it?

People read and need news and today this is hugely evolving. Now everybody is a news reporter and what they actually share is what people actually cares. Mosttalked brings you that.

Who is it for?

Everyone who cares about things and love to be informed of the world around them.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All of the projects out there focus on the news is passionate about the user and what it can bring to them, that they normally had to dig them themselves.

What’s next?

1) Apps
2) To get more personal, understand the user and shape what they see on mosttalked based on every single one of them.

Pitch Video