Company / App Name:
Twitter – @mininodes

What does it do?

miniNodes are Microservers that replace the functions of a regular server, at a fraction of the cost and power consumption. They run on ARM processors like smartphones and tablets use, so they are optimized for efficiency from the start.

Why do we need it?

Companies that lease servers rarely utilize all of the processing power available on them. Servers spend most of their time idle, waiting for requests. Microservers can reduce the environmental impact those servers have.

Who is it for?

ARM Servers run an industry standard Ubuntu LAMP stack, so, they are for developers and IT pros looking to test and deploy applications on ARM architecture, or those who have modest compute needs but want to reduce their carbon footprint.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

miniNodes is the first provider dedicated solely to leasing ARM servers, and the first following the emerging low power datacenter design principles. miniNodes is at the forefront of this emerging market.

What’s next?

Clustering of miniNodes into groups of microservers, improving the performance of individual nodes, and moving to 64-bit ARM architecture with the arrival of new Cortex A53 and A57 SoC\’s later this year.

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