Company / App Name: MetisMe Attachments App
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What does it do?

MetisMe indexes email attachments on the cloud, intelligently classifies them, and files them inside other business critical applications. It is currently available for all Gmail / Google Apps users (admins and non-admins)

Why do we need it?

People hate scanning and managing thousands of attachments manually. MetisMe neatly collates all attachments in a separate tab that sits right inside Gmail, thus making it extremely easy to search, organize, manage, and share them

Who is it for?

Any individual who is a Gmail user, and who deals with email attachments irrespective of his/her professional background. Manually organizing email attachments is a troublesome process, MetisMe does this in a highly efficient manner

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is easy and free to download and use, it is the only app that lets you search and share files effortlessly, it saves upto 4 hours a week thus increasing productivity, lets you add notes so you do not forget anything ever, and much more

What’s next?

We plan to launch the premium version of our app on the 1st of August, 2014, and intend to generate revenue from it. Currently we offer our product for free to all our users.

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