Pitch for Meliora Testlab

public —  December 6, 2013

Company / App Name: Meliora Testlab


What does it do?

Meliora Testlab is a browser-based enterprise grade quality management tool with requirements management, test design and execution, issue management and analysis features.

Why do we need it?

A consistent, easily repeatable, efficient and continuously improving application lifecycle and testing process is crucial for your enterprise. This leads to better application quality and better return for your investment.

Who is it for?

For developers better quality enables better profitability, more market penetration, more capacity to deliver and satisfied customers. On the purchasing side better quality cuts costs, mitigates risks on budget and vendor locking.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Brings enterprise grade quality management to masses, is effortless to deploy, adapts to your way of working, is platform-independent browser based solution and is highly modular with capability for special customer needs.

What’s next?

Meliora has an agile development team with high commitment on continuously developing Testlab to our customer needs. A new version of Testlab is released at least once in a quarter.

Pitch Video