Company / App Name: Meeco
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What does it do?

Meeco is the dashboard to your Quantified Self and the Internet of Things. Protect your online identity with private browsing, gain actionable insight into your online activities and store your personal data in a secure personal cloud.

Why do we need it?

Personal information is your most important asset and it should be yours to use in any way you wish. Meeco provides you with the means to capture, mashup and share your personal data in ways that are secure, portable and actionable.

Who is it for?

Meeco is for Anyone who wishes to realise the potential in themselves and the data they generate. Meeco provides you with the tools to free your self from data tyranny and to take back control of your digital life.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Meeco is totally new, nothing exists like this right now. Meeco perfectly compliments your personal cloud and cloud name by providing you with an easy to use interface for capturing and engaging with your personal data.

What’s next?

Together with the internet-of-things, soon you will have data generated by how you live every day. All of this data can help you make choices to make your life better. It’s your life and your data, so own it.

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