Company / App Name: Me!Box Media
Twitter – @meboxmedia

What does it do?

Me!Box is a streaming video player that delivers unique engagement opportunities, analytics and a faster, higher quality video to your viewers.

Why do we need it?

You’re probably using video on your website. Me!Box is faster than what you’re using now, lets you learn about your viewers and let’s you engage your viewers in a totally new way!

Who is it for?

Primarily businesses but lot’s of uses are popping up – academic, non-profit, blogging, etc. Me!Box takes your video to the next level.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Me!Box is the only video platform with an engagement panel – its the place where additional content lives. As the video plays, content that you set will pop up in this panel for your viewers. It puts the action with the call to action.

What’s next?

We just launched a rebuilt version of Me!Box in HTML5. We’re going to upgrade the analytics to be even more informative and continue to refine the design and functionality based on user feedback.

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