Pitch for MBAProjectSearch.com

Company / App Name: MBAProjectSearch.com

Twitter – @mullaneydan

What does it do?

MBAProjectSearch.com offers businesses an opportunity to contract top-tier MBAs (students and alum) on a project-by-project basis, post full-time jobs for MBAs, and post MBA internships. All postings are FREE.

Why do we need it?

We help startups who can\\\’t afford to hire long-term management talent or prefer to not give up equity find the talent they need. We also help established firms meet deadlines by outsourcing complex tasks to top MBAs.

Who is it for?

Businesses of all sizes. Startups and small businesses have a lot to gain by using our service, as do more mature companies. It is free to post a project, job, or internship. We have a great success rate of matching talent to projects.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We have an MBA talent pool that includes students and alum from every Ivy League institution, and we also have international representation. There is no risk in searching for talent, as the service is free to use.

What’s next?

Continuing to expand our MBA talent, including a major international push.

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