Company / App Name: logtempo
Twitter – @logtempo

What does it do?

logtempo makes time-tracking simple, fast and effective.

logtempo takes a fresh look at tracking time – reducing the effort taken to track time against a task to just two taps: no more long-winded timesheet software!

Why do we need it?

Timesheets are a necessary evil for many professionals – primarily because they need to track time spent on projects for administrative or billing purposes.

Timesheet software is, at best, long-winded and awkward. logtempo is simple.

Who is it for?

logtempo is for freelancers, consultants, software developers, students, doctors, architects – anybody who wants, or needs, to track their time spent on tasks or projects.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

logtempo dramatically simplifies the time-logging process. Create tasks for all of your projects and then simply tap them to log time when you need to record hours worked. Two taps are all that you need.

What’s next?

logtempo is at the beginning of it’s journey. Currently released as an iPhone App, Android and other platforms will follow soon, together with integrations with some of the most popular project management and invoicing platforms.

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