Company / App Name: Livehealth
Twitter – livehealth_

What does it do?

Livehealth is an end-to-end collaborative online report management system. At Livehealth, you can manage,maintain & share all your medical reports at a go.

Why do we need it?

People need Livehealth to store all their medical reports online and need not worry to maintain paper-based copies. Livehealth provides detailed analysis on those reports. Similarly, Healthcare providers function smoothly using Livehealth.

Who is it for?

Livehealth is for Healthcare Providers such as Diagnostic Centres, Pathology Laboratories, Hospitals, Doctors as well as for Patients.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Livehealth is a company that envisages healthcare that is simple and more connected in terms of reachability and quality. Livehealth is the First Healthcare Company in India to have Mobile Reporting and Complete Mobile Management features.

What’s next?

Livehealth has a full fledged product ready and is rolling out to partnered health providers. Customer Acquisition is the main goal looking ahead.

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