Company / App Name: Less Than 8
Twitter – Tipasoft

What does it do?

LESS THAN 8 challenges the player to to fill all rows and columns on the play board with digits that add up to 8 in each direction.

Why do we need it?

LESS THAN 8 is a fast paced alternative to Sudoku and Kakuro. Fans if numbers puzzles get quickly drawn to the game’s addictive play!

Who is it for?

LESS THAN 8 is for fans of logic puzzles like Sudoku and 2048. Best response comes from a female audience of ages 13-17.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

LESS THAN 8 offers a unique balance of fast gameplay, skill and luck in comparison with its main competitors like 2048, Sudoku, Kakuro, Threes!, Connect The Dots and Tap The Numbers.

What’s next?

LESS THAN 8 3.0 will feature multiplayer functionality letting users face each other in head-to-head scenarios to see who can complete puzzles fastest.

Link to Company / App Demo video