Company / App Name:
Twitter – @laas_io

What does it do? is a hosted ELK ( Elasticsearch, logstash, kibana) instance that takes the pain out of logging and running your own stack. Install logstash on your machine and start sending logs instantly.

Why do we need it?

You shouldn’t have to spend hours or money running or maintaining a log aggregation infrastructure. We think that you should be as verbose as possible with logging with out worrying about scaling your infrastructure.

Who is it for?

Hackers, devops and sysadmins, but mainly the overworked developers that are doing all that and more already. We’ll take the pain out of logging and scaling.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

By only using open source frameworks we’re able to battle hardened infrastructure that you know is good and reliable, at a respectable cost.

What’s next?

Scaling up, scaling out, we’re already dealing with customers who are shipping millions of lines a day to LaaS, and we’re looking for more customers, big or small to ship their logs.

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