Pitch for Kipsis

public —  December 16, 2013

Company / App Name: Kipsis

Twitter – @officialkipsis

What does it do?

Kipsis is a micro social network site in which you can post videos,pictures as well as follow you friends and families posts in addition you can also send private messaging to enjoy a new way of visual content and communication

Why do we need it?

Kipsis can become a leading social networking site of 2014 its a website that has all the things you need from visual content such as viewing beautiful pictures to messaging friends and families online its a new way to capture the moment

Who is it for?

Kipsis is for anyone that uses social communication online that interacts with friends and family, anyone from 13 to 25 yrs old is ideally as we are moving forward with time and finding new ways to communicate with people as well as sharing

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Kipsis makes it stand out from the crowd such as Instagram,Facebook,Twitter because of the beautiful and simple ways of communicating online, Kipsis also is serious about Privacy information and protects everyone from third parties.

What’s next?

Kipsis is looking to establish itself as a new dominating social network by start of 2014, it will for now be used as .com website and will establish users to the site, couple months we will develop an app Kipsis for mobiles.

Pitch Video